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Overpriced selling to lazy buyers 

What exactly is overpriced selling?

You are putting items on the market which are way over their value. For example you are going to put a player on sell for 7000 while his worth is 4000. 

When the player is sold you will net a profit of 2650 coins(after taxes). This trading method is really enjoyable and rather passiv.

Why should anybody buy players or objects overpriced?

A really good question but I can tell there you is always a willing buyer.

Most of the time  someone is looking for an object or a player to buy without really checking for the cheapest price.

The buyer is going to buy the cheapest in sight on the first page of the market.

Furthermore they just think is should be about the right price for the item. They are called "lazy buyers" and you profit off of them

what exactly do I have to do

This trading method is really enjoyable and rather passiv.

You almost have to do nothing for it.  

The only thing you have to do is refreshing your transferlist every hour,if a player is sold you just buy him again and put him on the market again for an overpriced value.

How do you do it the most efficient way?

The most ideal structur looks like:



 90-95 players on the transferlist


only 1 offer per players,means 90 unique players


 set the market timer to 1 hour,because the sell is happening in the last minutes the player is on the market.


as soon as a player is sold ,rebuy him and put on the market again


aiming 3k profit per player


YES! We expect 3k profit with each player. You have a full transferlist. You will sell 2 - 5 players each hour

Doesn´t sound so good?

It is really huge! Just think about it. How many times can you refresh your transferlist. It just cost you 30 seconds each hour. You can easily refresh your transferlist 8 times per day. You will sell about 25-35 Players in these 8 hours! So a Profit of 75k! Weekly 500k and more completly passiv! Monthly about 2 Million!

 When is this method worthwhile?

The great thing about his method is ,it is always profitable!You can apply the method everday and every hour. Furthermore fluctuations on the market are not of any concern for us,excpet for big events, for those times you have to be careful.   Best days for the Method are Thursday,Friday and Saturday because the market is the most active when the Weekendleague is open.  


Many people are buying players from the coins they got from Division Rivals and Weekend League rewards.

Which player should you use?

You can select your own 90-95 players and try your luck. But I can already tell you that you will not be so succesfull! You need time to learn which players get sold often.




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