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What exactly is the Chilled Trading System?

Chilled Trading System is overpriced selling with a system.

What is the overpriced selling?

You put objects on the market for more than they are worth. So for example you list a player who costs 4000 coins for 7000 buy-it-now.

After deducting the fees, you would have a profit of 2650 coins (net profit) after selling.

But why would anyone buy players or other objects overpriced?

A legitimate question, but there are always buyers. Usually someone is looking for the object or the player and doesn't want to lose time looking for the real price.

The buyer simply buys the cheapest one he sees on the first pages and thinks that the price is already roughly right. These are so-called lazy buyers and you profit from them.

All TOP 100 Traders make their coins with overpriced selling! The coolest thing about it is that you can always use it. No matter what the market situation looks like at the moment - even if we have a mega crash - we will make 100k coins every day.

What exactly do I have to do? 

What you see here is the only thing you do and it only takes a few seconds.

You only update your transfer list every hour and if the sale is successful, you will buy the player again and put him back on your list - overpriced. You can make profits from anywhere because you only need your smartphone!

Whether at work or at school, you make profits all the time! Your transfer list works for you. You look at your smartphone once an hour and update your list! It's the best method to make lots of coins without stress and without wasting time! Therefore it’s by far the most popular trading method among the TOP Traders.

How do you use Chilled Trading most effectively?

The ideal structure is the following:


 90-95 players on your transfer list


Only one offer per player, so all 90-95 players are different


Always put in for 1 hour only, as sales only take place in the last minutes


As soon as a player has been sold -> buy more and put them back


~3k net profit per player via buy-now


Yes, right we expect ~3k profit per player! You have a full list of 90-95 players.

You always put the players on the market for 1 hour. On average 2 to 5 players / hour are sold.

Doesn't sound like much?

But it is very much! Think about how many times a day you can log in for 30 seconds on your smartphone and update your list? At least 8 times!

In these 8 hours, an average of 25-35 players will sell! So a profit of 75k-105k is easily possible!

Per week this would be 500k & more, completely PASSIVE with hardly any time input!

Per month even over 2 million coins!

PS: On average our trading group members make 2.17 million coins per month


When is this method worthwhile?


That is the coolest thing. Always! You can use it every day and every hour. We don't care about the market fluctuations!

The best time to sell players is between Thursday and Sunday.

Which players do you use?

That is of course the most important part. Find players with a demand. You can pick your own 90-95 players and give it a try. But I can tell you that you will not have the biggest success! It takes time to learn which players work well! With the wrong selection of players, enormous losses are possible.



With these lists, our trading group members are already making 100k+ coins daily.

You can expect 500k a week even as a complete beginner without any prior knowledge, because you copy everything 1-to-1.


How can I simply copy you?

Join our trading group and you will have access to all our systems and weekly player lists.

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