We show you how to get your FIFA Dream Team with only 30 minutes trading per day through the

Chilled Trading System !

...quick & easy to copy, even without any prior knowledge


  • FINALLY stop losing just because your opponent had a better team.
  • FINALLY get higher ranks in the Weekend League.
  • FINALLY you don’t need packluck anymore!
  • FINALLY be able to afford the best players!



  • YOU want to play the best players without paying a single cent on packs
  • YOU don‘t have the time get into trading
  • YOU just want to focus on the game & make coins along the way
  • YOU have little or no prior knowledge & just want to copy the experts
  • YOU already have some experience at trading & now want to become one of the best


There are still many people who think trading is very difficult and enormously time-consuming.

Many want to splash their money on the fast FIFA Points and open packs because it’s much more pleasant and fun.


But why do so many people take the alternative way to get coins with trading, if it’s no fun and very time-consuming?

Then why does EA make it more difficult for traders year after year?

Because EA knows that trading is too effective. Too many FUT players make coins too easily and all the traders don't even think about FIFA Points anymore. Every year EA tries to make it very difficult for traders to get coins. Investing in the Marquee Matchups is no longer worth it, and the UCL Marque Matchups are no longer worth it either. There are barely any SBCs anymore where individual players can rise extremely.

 But why do the best traders still manage to make lots of coins no matter what changes are being introduced? Why is EA so powerless?

What do the best traders know that EA can’t do anything about?

It‘s because the best traders do not follow EA. NO! The best traders develop their own systems that have almost nothing to do with EA’s content. I myself trade completely independent of EA's event calendar.

I developed the Chilled Trading System, which allows you to continue making coins even when the market collapses completely. How is that possible? We are selling players for more than they are worth with a system that has been tested and proven in practice. With our system we only focus on the psychology of the buyer. It may sound silly and too simple, but that's exactly what it is. But it only works using this system and only with the players I will show you in our group.

In our exclusive trading group, you can copy our Chilled Trading System + many other guides & methods 1:1. At the same time you will instantly receive live push notifications with tips and investments that we use.

You will always be one step ahead of all other FUT market participants and therefore you will get your dream team much faster.

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This will expect you in our Trading Group:

1) Chilled Trading System by FUTMC*

Our SECRET Method to sell players for 100k more

2) Copy the best daily trading tips!

3) We do the Market research for you 

4) .... there is even more for you 

 Current Transfer Profits 

 from our 


*(as of 26 November)

Our active trader puts more time into trading and watches the market all day long. If you also have more time to trade, our Trading Discord is perfect for you because you can realize nearly all trading opportunities.

*(as of 26 November)Busy whole day because of work and family. Our Chilled Trader trades only 30 minutes per day and uses the Chilled Trading System which you can copy 1:1 if you don‘t have as much time either.

PS: We both are still really bad in this game 😂


save your limited spot!

BASIC Subscription

14,95 €

/30 Days*

*Cancellable on a monthly basis.


You can pay in your local currency, it will convert automatically.

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44,97€  only:

39,95 €

One-time payment for 90 Days


You can pay in your local currency, it will convert automatically.


89,94 €

One-time payment for 180 Days



Yusuf - Your FUT Trading Expert since 2012

I‘ve now been a professional FUT Trader for over 8 years. Every FIFA, I don‘t waste a single cent on packs, but I still play with teams that can usually be afforded only by people who spend thousands on the game. For me, it’s completely normal when my opponents call me a Pay to Win player. It’s a great feeling for me since it only approves my trading skills. When I saw how many of my friends spend hundreds of Euros on packs every month but still couldn’t get a team near as good as mine, I realized I had to help other people. Packs are simply a rip-off. I know it, you know it, we all know it.

  • Since FIFA 18, it‘s been my mission to motivate people not to spend any more money on packs because you can easily make millions of coins per month with trading.
  • Since FIFA 19, I‘m offering my exclusive trading service for a limited number of people.

The success of my members proves me right and those who used to spend hundreds of Euros on packs in the past, already managed to build better teams after 1 month into my system than they had after a whole year the FIFA before. They would‘ve never imagined this to be possible, and especially that easy.

Now it‘s no problem anymore for my members to make millions of coins per month.

For FIFA 20 the number of members in my trading group doubled and most of them joined after recommendations from friends. Most members from FIFA 19 didn’t think twice if they wanted to be in again. 92% of them went with me for FIFA 20 again.

You will never feel left alone.

With the rising number of members, I couldn‘t keep up anymore alone. Now, I have extremely good traders & professionals helping me out to make sure the quality always stays the best.

FUTMC now consists of 6 team members...

Fiago @footy.base - Master of Football Instagram since 2015

Gian Luca „Giani“ - Trading Pro and your contact person in the Discord

Akibo - IT Expert, responsible for the servers, systems & automations

Arthur - Market Expert & Trading Pro

Adrian - Designer / Web Specialist / Marketing Expert 

Your success & your satisfaction is our top priority.


  • With our 3 month & 6 month bundle, you pay a one-time amount and won‘t be charged again. If you go for our basic subscription model, your subscription will run until you cancel it. 

  • 1 week before your 30 days in our group come to an end, send us an email to You will get more detailed info once you buy the subscription. Don’t worry, it’s very easy & comfortable to cancel your subscription. 

  • You will receive the best trading tips on a daily basis, 1-1 for you to copy while at the same time having the trading guides you can use 24/7.

  • We greatly value the fact that our members can already celebrate big success with only 30 minutes per day. This is exactly what our Chilled Trading System was made for. 

  • No, that’s extremely important to us. You can easily copy our tips, even if it‘s your first day playing FIFA. 

  • Definitely. You have all it takes to become one of the best with our help very soon!

  • Fiago will draw the 3 winners in a livestream on 1 December 2020 on his YouTube channel Footy.Base.

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