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In our group you will be in the best hands.
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  • YOU want to play the best players without paying a single cent on packs

  • YOU don‘t have the time get into trading

  • YOU just want to focus on the game & make coins along the way

  • YOU have little or no prior knowledge & just want to copy the experts

  • YOU already have some experience at trading & now want to become one of the best

Over 4500 happy customers in less than 4 years

In our group you will be in the best hands.

Copy the tips of our expert.

What our trading group is NOT

This trading group is not full of complicated tips and guides that only absolute professionals understand. Instead, you can easily implement everything, even if you‘re just trading for the first time today.
We don’t post tips every hour just to share something. We show you methods and guides that we use ourselves and that we make several million coins a month with.

  • There are no complicated tips and guides (you can follow all the tips even if you have never traded before).
  • There are no tips and guides that nobody needs just to make it look more stuffed (less is more).
  • It’s not difficult to understand and not full of unnecessary details
  • It’s not time consuming (you will make millions a month with just 30 minutes a day)
  • It's not only applicable on your console (you can apply all the tips from the comfort of your smartphone too)
  • This group will not make you a millionaire (at least if you don't do what we say). But if you just copy our tips and follow the guides, you will definitely make a lot of coins and get much closer to your Dream Team

What you'll accomplish with our group....

Easy-to-understand tips and guides for you to instantly copy & implement.
Make millions of coins with just 30 minutes a day.

  • Millions of coins with just 30 mins/day using our exclusive Chilled Trading System.
  • Easily understandable tips that you can implement immediately.
  • Finally play with the best players in your dream team
  • Reach higher ranks in the Weekend League
  • 100k profit per trade with our secret 100k method
  • Make 100k on Mondays and Thursdays with the “Bidding on Rewards“ lists
  • Make coins from the comfort of your smartphone
  • Never think about buying packs with real money ever again
  • Understand that trading is the only true way to make coins
  • The best investments so you don‘t miss out
  • Top of the transfer profit list & best team among your friends

Summed up, this group is the shortcut to your Dream Team.

It will help you make a lot of coins in a short time. You will understand how easy it is to make millions of coins. With very little time you will be able to play with your Dream Team. With the analysis of our trading experts you don't have to worry about trading at all. Once a signal comes in from us, all you have to do is apply it. Every day you know what to do. You just have to focus on playing, we'll bring you the coins!

About Me

"If you don't start learning how to trade, then you have to copy the best tips from experts. There is no other way to get a lot of coins."

Yusuf - your FUTTrader since 2012

This will expect you in our Trading Group:

The best daily trading tips

Trading Guides you can use 24/7

Chilled Trading System by FUTMC*

Trading Lists you can copy

Market Research

Why and for whom I created this trading group

I created this trading group because it’s a big dream of mine that more people stop wasting money on useless packs and that they get an alternative for playing with the best players.

I now have 9 years of experience in FUT trading and there‘s 1 certain problem that I see the most among FUT players. They all want the best cards because they finally want to have more success in the Weekend League.

Then when I tell them that trading is the only solution, they shut down.

Very few want to trade.

Due to fear of losses?

Because of too little motivation?

What if it doesn't work for me? What if prices don't go up?

Trading is simply not for me?

...because we can never afford the best players if we do nothing: We have to trade!

"I wish I had this knowledge 9 years ago."


Back then, in FIFA 13, I was still someone else. I’ve always been hungry and I’ve always wanted to play with the best teams. Back then, I just had my first success in trading but quickly fell on my face shortly afterwards.

I lost over 1 million coins with a few investments and that was it for me with FIFA 13. Because I let the losses stop me.

And I lacked the understanding and techniques how to deal with losses BUT also with profits.

It was like I was going back & forth from success to defeat in constant change without ever really picking up speed.

I felt like a Porsche, but one that couldn't go faster than a Toyota.

If back then I had known what I know now, I probably would‘ve reached my goal much sooner and made way more coins. But I didn't have a teacher. No mentor. No coach to show me exactly what I needed to do. To save time, nerves and suffering.

Of course now I see that as a gift, because it made me who I am today. But I think a lot of people can benefit from my knowledge. No one has to go down this path and not everyone can. I think what sets us apart as human beings is the ability to learn from others.

The problem? You don't have the time. 

I see people dreaming of great teams and spending hours on what their dream team should look like. But they are busy with more important things like their school, university or work. Almost no one has the time and energy to analyze the market and find out the best investments and methods. 

A reproach? Definitely not.


It’s not your fault

It's not your fault. How would you understand something that you can't know? You just don't have the time to deal with it. There are more important things in life. You want to play the game comfortably and the coins should come in as a side effect.


The downside is just being ignored.

Yes, it's easy to say that spending money on trading tips is stupid. It's easy to say it's a waste of money because you can learn it all yourself. Funnily enough, those who say that often have big problems making coins themselves & play with bad teams. And those who listen to it but unfortunately don‘t consider it often end up with the same problems.

The downside of not having the best trading tips and methods brings fewer coins, worse teams, little success in the Weekend League, and thus a lot of frustration and negative energy.

You might settle for bad players you don't even want. “Don't do anything wrong“ says the inner voice. You give up before you've even started. The question is: Does it have to be like this? No. Stop it, it's time to throw old beliefs overboard. It's time to play with the best players and have more success in the Weekend League. It's time to make the right decision. The best tips and methods you copy from us will bring you way more coins and you will finally be able to play with the best players.


My mission

To show all people that trading is the only true solution and that it’s very easy. For the people who don‘t have time to deal with it, I offer the chance to copy our tips 1-1, so that they also make a lot of coins. We have few places in our group, because our tips and methods work best only in smaller circles. 

What our customers say:

How does the trading group benefit you?

Simple instructions and real time trading tips, broken down to the most important advice that will immediately bring huge amounts of coins with hardly any time spent.


  • More Coins 
    Simply by copying the best tips and investments.
  • Motivation, 
    With your much better team you‘ll have way more fun playing the game.
  • More time, 
    You only focus on playing, we analyze the market for you.
  • More success in the Weekend League. 
    With your better team you will reach higher ranks in the Weekend League.
  • More energy. 
    No more pointless defeats because of bad players who make you rage.
  • Recognition.  
    You‘ll be on the top of the transfer profit list among your friends and you will have the best team.
  • The next level. 
    You’ll be able to easily reach the Elite rank in the Weekend League with your new strong team and be one of the best traders. You will never think about spending money on packs again.


With just a few clicks you will get instant access to our group

Behind the scenes:

Yusuf - Your FUT Trading Expert since 2012

I‘ve now been a professional FUT Trader for over 9 years. Every FIFA, I don‘t waste a single cent on packs, but I still play with teams that can usually be afforded only by people who spend thousands on the game. For me, it’s completely normal when my opponents call me a Pay to Win player. It’s a great feeling for me since it only approves my trading skills. When I saw how many of my friends spend hundreds of Euros on packs every month but still couldn’t get a team near as good as mine, I realized I had to help other people. Packs are simply a rip-off. I know it, you know it, we all know it.

  • Since FIFA 18, it‘s been my mission to motivate people not to spend any more money on packs because you can easily make millions of coins per month with trading.
  • Since FIFA 19, I‘m offering my exclusive trading service for a limited number of people.

The success of my members proves me right and those who used to spend hundreds of Euros on packs in the past, already managed to build better teams after 1 month into my system than they had after a whole year the FIFA before. They would‘ve never imagined this to be possible, and especially that easy.

Now it‘s no problem anymore for my members to make millions of coins per month.

For FIFA 20 the number of members in my trading group doubled and most of them joined after recommendations from friends. Most members from FIFA 19 didn’t think twice if they wanted to be in again. 92% of them went with me for FIFA 20 again.

You will never feel left alone.

With the rising number of members, I couldn‘t keep up anymore alone. Now, I have extremely good traders & professionals helping me out to make sure the quality always stays the best.

FUTMC now consists of 6 team members...

Fiago @footy.base - Master of Football Instagram since 2015

Gian Luca „Giani“ - Trading Pro and your contact person in the Discord

Akibo - IT Expert, responsible for the servers, systems & automations

Emin - Trading Assistent 

Adrian - Designer / Web Specialist / Marketing Expert 

Your success & your satisfaction is our top priority.


  • Yes, there are no further payments.

  • You will receive the best trading tips on a daily basis, 1-1 for you to copy while at the same time having the trading guides you can use 24/7.

  • We greatly value the fact that our members can already celebrate big success with only 30 minutes per day. This is exactly what our Chilled Trading System was made for. 

  • No, that’s extremely important to us. You can easily copy our tips, even if it‘s your first day playing FIFA. 

  • Definitely. You have all it takes to become one of the best with our help very soon!

This will expect you in our Trading Group:

The best daily trading tips

Trading Guides you can use 24/7

Market Research

Trading Lists you can copy