Chilled Trading

What is the Chilled Trading System?

We talk about our Chilled Trading System every day, but what is it exactly?

It is a trading system based on the very best trading method that all Top 100 Traders use. It is completely legal and ban-proof. You can do it as often as you want.
Literally every one who makes millions of coins does it with this trading method and those who don't use it miss out on a lot.

What makes it so special is that this trading method is based on a psychological phenomenon and has nothing to do with the FIFA market directly.

Therefore we even make coins when the market crashes or feels like nothing is going on. Maybe you notice it yourself that your players lose more and more value, but in the meantime our members who use our system make a lot of coins.

Chilled Trading

And now to our Chilled Trading System:

I myself had been taught this secret method many years ago by a Top 100 Trader. It was unbelievable - as if I had been playing FIFA completely the wrong way until now. I could afford players that I had thought you could only afford if you put thousands of Euros into FIFA Points.

I said to the Top 100 trader: "It feels like I am printing coins".

He just laughed and said that's how everyone does it.
There was only one thing that bothered me: I was a full time student and then I started working full time. Somehow I couldn't really pull off the whole system anymore.

I started to optimize the system for me, so that you hardly have to spend any time and you can use it outside without any problems (even while working). I also didn't really enjoy trading to be honest. I just wanted the result: millions of coins as fast as possible.
After a few months the new system was created:

My "Chilled Trading System"

You make a tiny bit less profit, but it only takes a total of 25 minutes a day and you can use it anywhere. Getting the system running takes only a few seconds, so you can even get it working quickly on the go.

You can expect 500K coins/week if you copy my system 1:1, which is written in a way that even a 6 year-old starting FIFA for the first time can understand it.

It's all ready to go, you just need to get started now. 

EA has noticed by now that many people make their coins so easily.
But they are powerless, because you don't break a single rule and therefore it is legal, you can't be banned.

EA is losing more and more people who spend money on the game, because there are more and more people who use this system. Start printing coins with our Chilled Trading System.